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Preemie+ Initiation Card for Symphony breast pump

The Preemie+ card contains software with two different pumping programs for the hospital-grade breast pump Symphony: the Preemie+ initiation program and the Standard 2.0 program with 2-Phase Expression technology.

Preemie+ Initiation Card – designed to support pump-dependent mums

The Preemie+ initiation program mimics the irregular and more rapid sucking and pausing pattern of a term-born baby in the first days of lactation. It thereby helps pump-dependent mums to successfully initiate milk supply.

The Standard 2.0 program with 2-Phase Expression technology mimics the term-born baby's sucking pattern to optimise milk output during established lactation.

These research-based pumping programs have been developed specifically to support pump-dependent mums to initiate, build and maintain an adequate milk supply.


Benefits of the Preemie+ Initiation Card

Research has shown that pump-dependent mothers using the Preemie+ program followed by the Standard 2.0 program achieved significantly higher milk volumes over the first two weeks.

The Preemie+ initiation program closely mimics the sucking pattern of a healthy term infant during the first few days of lactation.

The Standard 2.0 program contains the research-based 2-Phase Expression technology, which imitates the natural sucking pattern of infants at the mother’s breast during established lactation.

Both programs are stored on the same card.

  • Effective for mothers of preterm and term infants
  • Supports pump-dependent mothers to successfully initiate milk production
  • Helps mothers to build and maintain milk production
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