Breast Milk Store and Feed Set

This product is currently not available in South Africa.

Storing breast milk because it is the best for your baby

Breast milk is the ultimate all-in-one nutrition for your baby. Your body produces the right nutrients in the right amounts and the right volume of milk to match your baby’s needs at all times.

If you decide to use a breast pump alongside breastfeeding, the Medela Breast Milk Store and Feed Set is a perfect addition to all Medela breast pumps. It is an all-in-one solution that allows you to easily collect, store and feed breast milk.


Benefits of the Store and Feed Set

This set is the perfect addition to all Medela breast pumps.

With Calma, you can feed your baby in a natural way, similar to how they learned at the breast. This allows for a seamless transition between breast and bottle.

You can store and handle your breast milk easily with the four breast milk bottles (two 150ml bottles and two 250ml bottles) and five Pump & Save breast milk bags included in the set.

All products are BPA free and so they are safe for collecting, storing and feeding breast milk.

  • Seamless transition between breast and bottle thanks to Calma
  • Easy to pump, collect and store breast milk for the entire breast milk feeding phase
  • Convenient, space-saving storage in the fridge or freezer
  • BPA free – safe for you and your baby
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